A backup is a copy of a website that's kept on a separate server and could be restored if something wrong happens with the live website - a defeated script update, an accidental deletion of some file or of your whole database, etcetera. Restoring the Internet site the way it was shall eliminate or lessen the damage the problem may have caused, which is by all means an obviously better option than having to reconstruct your whole site from scratch. Even though you could download a copy of your content on your personal computer, keeping a backup is a functionality that almost all web hosting providers incorporate as part of their packages. You'll have to check how often they do that, though, because some companies create a backup once every week, which may be far from enough for a booking website or an e-commerce portal where the info is updated daily. Make sure that you see how quick and easy a backup can be restored, which could be crucial if some problem appears on your website.

Daily Data Back-up in Cloud Hosting

Because we recognize how vital your website info is, we keep daily backups of all your files and databases, so in the event that anything fails, the Internet site may be restored just the way it was. In addition, we create at least four individual backups every day, so what will be restored will be essentially identical with, if not exactly the same as, what you had before. You'll be able to browse the backups right through the File Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel and see on what day and at what hour they were created. Then you could simply copy the content to the live site folder. Alternatively, you could contact us and we'll restore the backup from the preferred date for you. We keep backups no matter which cloud hosting you have opted for, so you'll never need to worry about losing any part of your web content.

Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Hosting

All of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages offer daily content backups as a standard. This function will permit you to develop your websites without having to worry if something could go wrong, since our system produces a new backup every several hours over a seven-day period, so a new backup does not overwrite an earlier one. Restoring the content is a breeze and requires a few minutes - you may use a support ticket and mention the date of the backup that you want to be restored, or you could simply copy the backed-up files, since they will be available in read-only folders within the File Manager section of your website hosting CP. Each and every backup folder contains the exact time and date it was generated in its name, so you could instantly locate and copy the content that you need, even in case you do not have any previous experience with this kind of matters.